Astriction is an ongoing series of diptychs dealing with suburban angst, societal anxiety and scenes of a domestic nature. Each "Tension" will consist of one constructed portrait and one tableau still life.

Inspired by the films of Douglas Sirk, Harmony Korine and David Lynch the series aims to create an unsettling but essentially banal set of images. The work will also focus on humanising female vulnerability whilst utilizing photographic techniques commonly associated with objectification and exploitation.

photograph through window of woman in kitchen and balloons in other roomAstriction 1 - Lynda Balloons tied to a swimming pool at nightAstriction 1 - Abstraction Woman laying on the floor with flowers in conservatoryAstriction 2 - Eva Flowers stacked onto the floor underneath floral curtainsAstriction 2 - Abstraction woman looking pensive staring at a workout video in a spandex aerobics outfitAstriction 3 - Rukie fridge opened and turned upside down outside lit from the sideAstriction 3 - Abstraction woman standing in an empty room wearing rubber glovesAstriction 4 - Victoria room filled ith rubbish and clutterAstriction 4 - Abstraction