Daniel Keys is a photographic artist based in London whose work acts as an expression of self, articulating and exploring elements of his lived experience as a form of self-examination. Photography’s history as a document of reality and its ability to provoke visceral reactions in its audience inspires his tableau and staged work whereas the inability to provide an unbiased reflection of reality inspires his documentary and portraiture. All modes of photographic representation are subjective and can therefore be tailored into projects that say equal amounts about the author and the subject.

Expectations of Gender, Class and Culture and the inability to conform to these inspire his work and is a common thread that can be found in all areas of his practice. Utilizing the resources that are around him, his work often blurs the lines between reality and fiction, self-document and artifice. His work is at once autobiographical and voyeuristic, glimpsing into other’s lives, real or imagined.

His work has been exhibited in London, Rome, Berlin, Vancouver, Budapest and Indiana and has been featured in multiple issues of fLIP magazine. He works predominantly with analogue photographic techniques but utilizes digital scanning and manipulation to produce his work. He is an active member of Millennium Images and London Independent Photography.


BA(Hons) Photography. Middlesex University